Whistlebox Press Announces a New Dystopian Anthology!

Whistlebox Press is proud to announce that three original novellas by local authors have entered the editing stage in preparation for release in a single volume in October.

“Silo Six” by Wendy Sura Thomson, “Pollen” by Andrew Charles Lark, and “The Bright and Darkened Lands of the Earth” by Donald Levin, have all been submitted to Bailey Kay Lockwood of justduckyediting and will be collected into a yet-to-be-titled anthology of dystopian literature.

A little background: a few months ago, the three of us got together in a Royal Oak coffee house and agreed to take a break from our current writing projects and veer off into the strange and extraordinary world of dystopian literature. By the beginning of August each of us had a well-crafted and completed manuscript in the twenty to twenty-five thousand word range. These stories brilliantly embrace the precepts of the dystopian, and each offer a dark and highly imaginative take on the end of humanity – one through nature taking its cruel course, one being extraterrestrial in origin, and the last resulting from a man-made calamity.

“Silo Six,” by Wendy Sura Thomson is a suspenseful story of survival set far into the future when the sun begins its transformation into a red giant and has scorched the earth into a virtually uninhabitable cinder – an utterly moving odyssey on how love triumphs over a bleak inevitability.

“Pollen,” by Andrew Charles Lark is a multiple point-of-view account of a strange, atmospheric phenomenon that destroys humankind’s ability to reproduce, thus ushering in the extinction of our species – a fascinating vision on how life may have found a way in spite of a global holocaust brought on by the inexplicable.

“The Bright and Darkened Lands of the Earth,” by Donald Levin is a gripping tale set in a desperate, post-apocalyptic future where a heroic woman battles ecological and social collapse in an effort to save her tribe–and humanity–from certain extinction.

We’re very much looking forward to October when we can finally share these dark tales of the future with our treasured readers – and keep your eyes open for more exciting news regarding what promises to be a very exciting book launch.